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"Just install the DYMO printer" ... no!!

"Just install the DYMO printer" ... no, not that easy ( but thanks a lot DYMO):

In an example of some of the worst software I have ever seen, I thought I would "Just install the DYMO printer" after downloading the 'latest version' and installing then it immediately detected a new 'latest version' that version installed it self also. After installing three times and rebooting the PC three times its installed some unwanted software or made some unwanted change which has broken Microsoft office.

Starting up MS Access results in an endless loop of the screens below, yes I tried it twice once after restoring the machine from backup.

I'm sharing the love so you you can beware and not have to have at least a 2 hour MS Office low level removal and reinstall patch session. I'M not recommending DYMO (I have a preferred product, talk to me about that). I guess I will go and restore from backup again then?

Hmm that's strange I didn't ask for or agree to changes to MS office? It will probably be fine...
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Really Oh Oh
Great I was looking for 2 hours worth of something to fill my day
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