Telstra DOT, NBN and VoIP phone lines.

Telstra in their usual style have implemented a closed, non-industry standard system around their VoIP (phone services) running over NBN. I do not recommend that any of my customers get, any Telstra services for NBN, or Telstra VoIP voice services.

If you do chose Telstra as your NBN/VoIP provider not only is the pricing deliberately obfuscated via "bundles" but the cost is significantly more expensive than alternative providers for the same service. Additionally you will be limited to their hardware.

In terms of setup and ongoing support they refuse to provide the required information to enable you to work with your existing or even new high-end industry standard hardware. This means that you are only able to use their limited functionality, domestic grade router hardware and if you have hardware failure you will be unable to use a loan device or purchase equipment locally to get yourself up and running. You will be totally at the mercy of their abysmal tech and customer support.

If you chose Telstra I will not be able to support you as well as I would like to and your support will be more expensive, Telstra are a bad choice. There are better solutions that are less expensive and significantly easier to work with.

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"Telstra" phishing email


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