FIVE key considerations to help with protecting your data

FIVE key considerations to help with protecting your data, your network, your identity and your money. 

  1. Don't be an administrator on your own PC for normal day to day work. Create a separate admin account and just be a normal "user" unless required. 
  2. Don't run outdated software; Old versions of Windows, Java, adobe other apps 
  3. Have a good quality antivirus installed, working with a current subscription 
  4. Don't visit undesirable or illegal sites (or if you must; learn enough to mitigate the risk, run in a sandbox, another user account, a Virtual PC, or another PC setup for this task) 
  5. Social engineering - Be vigilant when opening links or emails, unsolicited mail or other peoples USB drives 
  6. (Bonus) Get a good antispam/antivirus system that blocks you from as many threats as possible before they enter your network or PC. 
  7. (Bonus) Use complex passwords that are unique for your internet services
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Microsoft tablet with Mobile/3G/4G/LTE internet access

Microsoft released their Surface 3 LTE tablet in Australia on 28 Jan 2016. This tablet/convertible-PC has a slot for a simcard so you can access the internet outside your office or home when you don't have access to Wi-Fi. The Surface 3 is unlocked for any Australian network so you can get a sim on a plan or shop around for a cheap prepaid deal for your data.

Bear in mind this is a low powered PC, its running a lower powered processor for a very light, thin and cool computing experience, it's also only 10.8 Inches screen size. Its big brothers are the Surface pro 4 at 12 inches or the Surface book at 13.5 inch screen (which has a solid connection between "tablet" and keyboard) but neither of these have LTE.

The surface pro 3 4GB Ram 128 GB HDD & LTE is $979 inc GST and available now at Harvey Norman stores (check stock levels) and also direct from the Microsoft store in Sydney or online, just don't buy them all, leave one for me please, I have been waiting a long time for this.

(Optional Surface pen and keyboard available for extra cost)
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Australia’s New Privacy Laws (2014)

I don't claim to be any expert on these legal matters but it looks like the Australian privacy laws are about to get a whole lot more complex and onerous to manage.

Happy reading:

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Paul Thurrott’s Free Windows Phone 8 book

Paul Thurrott’s Windows Phone 8 eBook is complete and available for free at the following location. If you’re a Windows Phone user get your 600+ pages of Windows Phone goodness at the link below.

Thanks Paul!


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Windows phone

I have discussed Windows phone with a number of people recently here is some more information:

"Stay closer to the people and things you care about: Start screen

The Windows Phone Start screen makes sure you're always caught up and plugged in – to your best friend's texts, the time of your next meeting, the latest Groupon deals and whatever else you decide to pin there."

It’s not so much about any particular brand its more about the operating system (Microsoft Windows Phone 8), however a great brand would be Nokia. I love wireless charging!!.

You do need to think it through a bit before you make the change. If for example you are using Android now changing to Windows phone  you need to check if you have special apps that you need and see if they are available on the WP marketplace sure, not as many as Android but 145,000 will give you plenty of options, plus the phone has so much built in smart functionality that it really does make some of the other offerings out there look dated.


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