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If your administrator has turned on multi-factor authentication (MFA) for your Microsoft 365 product here is the list of steps to follow to setup your MFA from a user perspective:

1. logon to Microsoft Outlook or webmail
2. After you successfully add your username and password, a pop-up will appear asking for more information. Click next.

MFA 0012

3. Chose the mobile app method
4. Check the 'receive notifications' option button
5. Click setup

MFA 0001

6. Instal the mobile phone app from here if necessary
7. If you have the app installed already you may already have services listed

MFA 0005

8. Tap on the elipsis
9. Tap on add account

MFA 0006

10. Select 'Work or school account'

MFA 0007

11. Tap scan QR code

MFA 0008

11. Scan the QR code that shows on the PC screen

MFA 0000

12. The new account should now show in the authenticator app.

MFA 0009

13. This completes the setup of the authertication app.
14. Your microsoft logon will now ask for authentication, tap approve.

MFA 0010

15. The next step is to add your mobile phone number in case you don't have access to the authenticator app.
16. Chose your country, add your mobile number and click next

MFA 0003

17. Typicly you can ignore the app password, just click done

MFA 0004

18 That should be the final step. You will only need the multi factor authentication when you setup a new device or periodically when the administrator requires a re-verification.





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Sometimes when restoring a backup using image based backup software you may not be able to 'see' the internal hard drive because it been setup by the manufacturer in a special mode (convenient for them but not so much for you).

If you need to restore a backup form another PC you may need to change the disk mode

Changing the disk mode from RAID to 'standard':

  1. Startup the PC and immediately start pressing the BIOS access button, this may be F2, DEL, F10, or F12 depending on the PC
  2. Once you are in the BIOS locate the storage settings
  3. Change the disk mode (as per the image below, change from [1] - RAID to [2] - AHCI)
  4. Restart the PC and try the restore process again


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Some users are reporting and issue when saving-as from within Adobe acrobat reader. When trying the save, instead of a dialogue box allowing you to choose the save location all you see is a blank dialogue box form/screen.

This should be able to be solved by turning off the option to save to online-storage. Normally you will be wanting to save the PDF document locally to your PC or a network share so this shouldn't create any problems for most users.

To make this change follow the steps below:

Open adobe reader:

  1. Go to the top menu and select 'Edit'
  2. Select 'Preferences'

(continued below)


  1. Click on the 'General' category
  2. Uncheck the 'Show online storge when saving files' checkbox

(Continued below)


Click on OK to close the dialog box
Close adobe reader, open a PDF files and test

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How to disable Microsoft Office 365 updates for your office 365 apps such as Word, Excel and Access: (example in MS access but this can be completed in any of the core Office applications)

1. Click on 'File' in your office app (Continued below)


2. Click on account (continued below)


Note the current build number, this may be useful in diagnosing the issue


3. Click on Office Updates
4. Click on disable updates



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Restoring an MBR System image to UEFI/GPT (Macrium reflect):

Based on the information here but shortened for expert users:

  • Boot into windows PE off the Macrium boot disk
  • Open command prompt within Macrium
  • Type:
    • diskpart
    • list disk
    • select disk 0 [or as appropriate]
    • clean
    • convert gpt
    • create partition efi size=200
    • format fs=fat32
    • create partition msr size=128
    • exit
  • Refresh the disks in Macrium
  • Restore the boot partition only into the new blank space of the target partition
  • Run "fix windows boot problems" in Macrium
  • Restart PC

See link above for full details and images.

How to restore an image:

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