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This guide is for when using your PC with a keyboard or mouse, if your connecting remotely from a windows touch screen device such as a tablet you are best to use the free Microsoft remote desktop windows store app.

  • Go to windows start screen, click on the start button if your not already on the start screen (1)
  • Start typing "remot.." (2), windows will auto search for that app. When the blue remote desktop app is showing press enter to open the app (3)
  • Type the name of the PC to connect to (4). Click connect or press enter. (If its a remote computer you will need more details than just the computer name)
  • When prompted enter your username and password (6) if you PC is connected to a domain (in a business network) you will need to type the domain name also (7 below)
  • For domain computers (7)
  • Agree to connect even though there is no certificate (this is typical) (9). Optionally check the box so it doesn't ask again for the connection (8)
  • Once the connection has been made successfully you can control the "other/remote PC" by interacting with the desktop the way you normally would as if you we using it "locally". Note that you can "disconnect" by clicking the X in the blue bar (10) but normally when you are finished you should log out of the remote PC using the start button as normal.


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How to update NOD32 serial number, follow the instructions below:




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How to setup a Windows 8.1 PC or do an 8.1 upgrade upgrade without a Microsoft Account: (Just bare in mind that you may not want to do this see this link for more info)

  • Rather than entering an existing Microsoft account when prompted, click on the link to create a new one (even though you don't want one)
  • Where you are prompted to create a new account click on the link to sign in without a Microsoft account
  • Create your traditional "local" account
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How to connect to Exchange server (on premise exchange server or via Office 365) using Outlook:

This is guide assumes that your setting up outlook for the first time which will auto create a new profile.

Steps 1-3 add your name, email address and password and click next.


Step 4-5 your all done, click finish:



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